Mark McGrath

B.A(Hons), MASt

I hold a First Class Honours B.A. in Theoretical Physics from Trinity College Dublin. During this time he was involved in various research projects in Computational Condensed Matter and Fibre-Laden Aqueous Foams. I also hold a Master of Advanced Study in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, where he studied General Relativity, Quantum Computation and Particle Physics. I completed a research project on the Peccei-Quinn Theory: an extension to the Standard Model of Particle Physics.

I have experience in software and computing and has developed quantitative, analytical, and problem-solving skills working as a Junior Derivative Trader in Amsterdam. I have been involved with creating intelligent and adaptive learning products with AI enabled models.

I have a special interest in the potential future implications of exponential technologies and additive manufacturing. I enjoy trying to understand the diverse impacts of such advances, and the dynamic responses that are unfolding across multiple systems that are currently being enabled by mathematics and AI models.

Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, reading, and playing various strategy games. I often run, cycle and train functional movements and have recently started competing in a new form of fitness racing called Hyrox.

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  • Barry Purdy named as a Global IP Star by MIP
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  • Michael Lucey named as a Global IP Star
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  • PurdyLucey Named As Top Tier Firm For Patent Prosecution
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  • Michael Lucey named a Global IP Star by Managing IP
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  • Barry Purdy recognised as a Global IP Star by Managing IP
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  • Patent Prosecution Firm of the Year 2020
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  • 'Hallmarks of the IP service at PurdyLucey are attention to detail and a resolutely commercial focus; every patent application – whether under the Irish, UK, European or Patent Cooperation Treaty systems – is drafted, filed and prosecuted with the utmost care and rigour.'
    IAM Patent 1000 - 2018
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    IAM Patent 1000 - 2018
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    IA Patent 1000 - 2018
  • 'Barry Purdy and Michael Lucey are the leading lights and should be considered among the top names in Ireland.'
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