AVeta Medical to offer new ‘safe and affordable’ treatment for vaginal atrophy

This Patent-Pending Device, which AVeta Medical hope to see on the market by 2021, is set to change the lives of women who suffer from Vaginal Atrophy, the debilitating condition affecting millions worldwide.

The menopause is one of its main causes but it can also be triggered by medication and other health-related events. It is also one of the rarely talked about side effects of breast cancer treatment.

Our client Paula Newell, is a paediatric occupational therapist by training, who was accepted on to the prestigious National University of Ireland, Galway based BioInnovate Ireland medical technology innovation programme in 2016.

It was while participating on this programme that Newell identified the clinical need for a non-pharmacological treatment for vaginal dryness. “Women with vaginal dryness can find it painful to sit, walk, sleep and urinate and the impact on the quality of their every day and sex lives is huge and far-reaching yet many of them suffer in silence because they’re too embarrassed to talk about it even to their GP”. 

Paula received a commercialisation grant of €200,000 from Enterprise Ireland to explore the idea and expects her patent-pending device to be on the market by 2021. 

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