Oxymem Develops a Radical New Way to Clean Up Waste Water

Water treatment is an energy-intensive process, with countries having to commit typically 2-3% of GDP paying for it, says Wayne Byrne of OxyMem.

This alone might have been enough to help encourage major wastewater treatment companies such as Severn Trent, Thames Water & Suez to take up the technology developed by OxyMem but this is an extremely conservative, risk-averse marketplace, says Byrne.

OxyMem has managed, however, to work past this and has seen its patented technology used in 30 major water treatment projects in 14 countries, he says. The company employs 23 people and it has moved into a new location in Athlone. While bringing improvements in the treatment of sewage and wastewater might not be the most attractive of projects, great research success can still flow from it.

Our client of over 10 years, OxyMem turned its wastewater research into a major win in the annual US-Ireland Innovation Awards. The work saw the development of a radical new way to clean up wastewater and make it safe to return to rivers and seas without risk of pollution. In the process it has reduced the high energy demand required by current treatment systems and is at least four times more energy efficient.


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