Since 2008, PurdyLucey has grown to become one of Ireland’s top European Intellectual Property (IP) firms drafting, filing and handling the prosecution of patents in Ireland, the UK, Europe and internationally.

Based in Dublin, our team of 7 vastly experienced Patent Attorneys specialise in Life Science, Food Tech, Med Tech, Hi-Tech and Engineering projects, and work closely with our clients providing professional services in the areas of Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and Copyright.

Our broad range of clients include Universities, Start-Ups, Irish Government Funded bodies, Global IP Firms, Multinationals and SME’s and we are very proud to have been involved in some of this country’s most successful and innovative science and tech developments of the last 15 years.

Our reputation is built on our intimate knowledge of the sectors in which we work, our personable approach and the quality and success of our work.