Amber Centre Researchers Successfully Tackle the Battery Effect on the Environment

The AMBER Centre in Trinity College Dublin is where the science of stuff takes centre stage. Funded by Science Foundation Ireland – it provides a partnership between leading researchers in materials science and industry.

For our team, having the opportunity to work on the patents behind the technology that is emerging from The Amber Centre, is very exciting and challenging work. Especially when that outcome could be a crucial tool in the battle to save the planet from environmental degradation and climate breakdown.

One such partnership is that between Valeria Nicolosi, professor of nanomaterials and advanced microscopy at Trinity College, and Jonathan Coleman professor of chemical physics in the school of physics. Their research could mean improved battery life in common devices such as mobile phones, remote controls and children’s toys, as well as electric cars being able to run for longer. And there’s new potential for batteries to store excess energy generated from renewable sources such as wind, wave and solar.  Read more here courtesy of the Irish Times


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